Lajos Bagdi

Partner – Tax Advisory

Lajos worked more than 12 years at the tax department of a Big4 firm and currently he is tax partner at Niveus Consulting Group. Within the framework of his role he provides professional support for the company’s transfer pricing team and leads the firm’s tax advisory service line. The main areas of his expertise are transfer pricing and other aspects of corporate income taxes but in the multinational environment he also gained experience on the fields of personal income taxation and tax incentives of R&D activities. 

Previously he has broadened his transfer pricing knowledge during a secondment in South Africa and he also attended several domestic and foreign professional conferences / courses. During his past he has managed a large number of transfer pricing advisory projects. He has been specialized in production and technology industries, delivering solutions for transfer pricing issues on a wide scale of intercompany transactions (e.g.: intra group services, loans and other financial transactions, property rentals, royalties, etc.). He participated in several successful APA proceedings as well.

Lajos holds a master’s degree in economics while he is also qualified as a tax expert and as a chartered accountant. He has participated in several conferences as a presenter and is the author of numerous professional publications.


A @Niveus Consulting Group véleménycikke a globális minimumadóról

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