Tax advisory services

The ever-changing tax legislation, which is difficult to understand and raises many questions of interpretation, presents a daily challenge for all companies operating in Hungary. Managing tax issues accurately and consistently without up-to-date knowledge of relevant legislation is an extremely time-consuming task. In addition, the misunderstanding of tax provisions may involve significant risk of tax fines and penalties, while not being aware of opportunities can deprive the businesses of significant tax benefits.
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Transfer pricing & valuation services

Transfer pricing is one of the most complex corporate income tax-related challenges for both local and international groups of companies. The tax authority pays special attention to this area and moreover, the corresponding administrative burden has also significantly increased in the past years. Besides, the prudent determination of an asset’s fair market value may play a highly important role in other economic / accounting issues or during certain decision-making processes as well.
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Legal services

Companies cannot avoid these days to have sufficient legal knowledge to handle their day-to-day business. That is where our legal advisory team – in association with Fischer Law Firm – is helping you. Giving legal advice is creative work. Should you need help to find the most efficient corporate structure or to conclude an important contract, or you have a quick quarry, we can provide you solutions that you might not have thought of.
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Accounting services

Bookkeeping liability and preparation of statutory financial statement are required by the Law on Accounting for companies subject of the law. Further to these obligations, our company happily assists in the preparation of management reports, IFRS / US GAAP reports, takes care of administration tasks of voluntary liquidations and carries out due diligence works
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Payroll services

We represent a professional, customer-focused service in the field of payroll and employment-related consulting. We believe that we can best support the work of the HR department and the executives with accurate payroll and proper reporting. In this respect, not only the „classic” payroll tasks, however, the related issues are being handled. Our experienced colleagues are continuously at the disposal of our Client.
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Business consulting

Our company has broad experience and serious competence in the fields of due diligence, internal control and GDPR. During our engagements we focus on the proper understanding of the business requirements, the detailed assessment of the problems and the identification of the most efficient solution, by using the below presented tools in each field. Besides the above-mentioned services, we would be happy to support our Clients regarding process optimization and setting up the most appropriate operational model.
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