Transfer pricing & valuation services

Transfer pricing is one of the most complex corporate income tax-related challenges for both local and international groups of companies. The tax authority pays special attention to this area and moreover, the corresponding administrative burden has also significantly increased in the past years. Besides, the prudent determination of an asset’s fair market value may play a highly important role in other economic / accounting issues or during certain decision-making processes as well.

As one of the leading transfer pricing experts in Hungary, we are providing support for hundreds of companies in managing their transfer pricing challenges; furthermore, we also have a well-proven track record in the valuation of different assets.

In the fields of transfer pricing and valuation we are pleased to provide our existing and future Clients with the following services:


Preparation and yearly update of transfer pricing documents in full compliance with the pertaining legal requirements.
Delivering expert opinion on existing transfer pricing reports.
Preparation of benchmarking studies by using domestic and / or international databases.
Providing support in the preparation / filing of Country-by-Country Report or in the fulfillment of the CbCR notification obligation.


Preparation and full management of Advance Pricing Arrangement (APA) processes.
Pricing advisory (review and optimization of ongoing transactions; design & implementation of future transactions).
Professional support during tax audits or in transfer pricing-related litigation processes.
Examination of the existence of transfer pricing documentation obligation (mapping of associated enterprises / group structures, determination of company size indicators, assessment of intercompany transactions).


Valuation of companies / shares in order to support purchase transactions or exit processes.
Valuation of assets in connection with business reorganization or accounting revaluation.
Valuation of specific intangibles (trademarks, patents, software, other IP-s) or tangibles (properties, vehicles, other machineries).

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