Tax advisory services

The ever-changing tax legislation, which is difficult to understand and raises many questions of interpretation, presents a daily challenge for all companies operating in Hungary. Managing tax issues accurately and consistently without up-to-date knowledge of relevant legislation is an extremely time-consuming task. In addition, the misunderstanding of tax provisions may involve significant risk of tax fines and penalties, while not being aware of opportunities can deprive the businesses of significant tax benefits.

In the field of taxation, we provide the following services to our existing and prospective Clients.


Preparing advisory opinions on specific tax matters;
Requesting guidelines from the tax authority or competent ministry (authority);
Preparing binding ruling requests and liaison with the competent ministry (authority);
Representation in tax authority audit procedures.


In the framework of our help-line service, we ensure a dedicated contact for answering your tax related questions arising during your business activity within a predetermined monthly or yearly time frame for a fixed monthly fee. In addition to high professional quality, our hourly rates are reasonable, response times are short, and our approach is flexible and pragmatic.


If requested, we are ready to perform tax due diligences and simulated tax audits either comprehensive or focusing on certain tax types. Due diligence can be an excellent tool for identifying untapped opportunities and thus for achieving significant tax benefits.


We have many years of experience in preparing and reviewing tax calculations and tax returns. We are constantly monitoring changes in tax legislation and determine tax liability not routinely, but also taking into account recent legislative changes. In addition, we always draw our client’s attention to relevant tax benefits and tax planning possibilities. We are very happy to assist our clients with tax calculations which are more complex and / or require international expertise.


VAT registration is an excellent opportunity for foreign companies to sell products or services in Hungary without a registered legal entity. The process of VAT registration and filing VAT returns requires the knowledge of Hungarian legislation, administrative procedures and, in many cases, the knowledge of Hungarian language. We offer our services to all our prospective foreign clients for whom it is important that their VAT registration procedure is smooth and fast and VAT returns guaranteed to comply with Hungarian regulations.


Based on our outstanding experience in this field, we undertake the review of compliance with the conditions for R&D tax benefits. We are glad to analyse entitling costs and provide professional support in the related administrative activities

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